Phone chat lines for sissy training

phone chat linesPhone chat lines are the perfect way for you to receive the best sissy training from a sexy goddess like me! You should feel extremely privileged to be acquainted with such a naughty whore of my caliber. I swear I am going to have you in the most tip top shape that you could ever be in once I get my paws on you! My juicy titties are going to have you mesmerized while I have my sexual way with you from head to toe. Consider yourself blessed that I am even giving you my precious time dedicated to molding you into the most amazing sissy that anyone could possibly be. Show me how submissive you are and how willing you are to surrender. You no longer have a dick, you have a sissy clitty and you will stay wrapped around my finger until I set you free. So many horny perverts wish that they could be you so enjoy it while it lasts you filthy fuck. There are so many sissy training phone chat numbers that you could call but my line is the one that keeps you coming back for more! I really am an addicting and intoxicating goddess!

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