Phone Chat Lines for Unrestricted Family Fun

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are for family fun. I am an incest whore. And I think I always will be. It is what I know. My husband left me because I could not stop fucking my brothers. Family first with me. He does not know I fuck our sons too. Although he asked the boys once if mommy touched them wrong, they denied it. I think because when mommy touches them, it is never wrong. Never.

My sons banged the fucked out of their sexy mommy this weekend. My brothers and sisters spent the holiday with us, so I got a lot of cock. More than normal too. Any given day I can be a three-hole whore. My three brothers started the trend. When we were young, I would entertain all three of them at once. So, decades later, I knew that I could handle three sons at once too.

I Am A Family Fuck Slut

On my phone chat numbers, we can discuss all the kinky family fun I take part in too. But this weekend felt wild, even for me. I took two cocks in a hole at once. A brother and a son paired up to fuck me turning me into a 6-cock whore. Talk about being double stuffed. I got stuffed better than our thanksgiving turkey.

As snow fell around us, my sons and brothers pumped me full of 6 loads of creamy family jizz. Never a problem for me to get doused in cum though. My sisters cleaned up what I could not reach. Even though I am flexible, I have never been able to eat the cum from my cunt or ass. But I can get my sisters to eat our brothers’ cum from my holes. All the girls in my family are cum whores. My phonesex line will get your cock hard with my family tales.

Phone Chat Lines for Unrestricted Family Fun

Phone chat lines for unrestricted family fun found here. I enjoy being the family fuck slut & sharing with you on my phone sex numbers. All men need taboo phonesex.

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