Phone chat lines Naughty Slave

Spanking phone sexI loved being Master’s rope bunny, he knows the the best Phone chat lines and he always tired me up in such interesting and pretty ties. Like today, all I was wearing was a pair of panties and Master tied a spreader bar right at my knees. Forcing my legs apart. Then he tied my elbows together from behind, attaching it to a carabiner on the ceiling and pulling up until I was sure i was going to fall. My balance barely there with the spreader bar forcing the angle to be that much more awkward. The whole thing was making my heart race. Knowing I could let go and put my weight on my arms. I wouldn’t fall but still feeling right on that edge flooded my brain with adrenaline and endorphins and made me feel as if I was floating and could go through anything. My pussy was so wet with want and need that i could feel it quiver as Master growled in my ear. Taking a fist full of my hair and pulling my hair back right as I felt a quick and hard slap against my ass. I moaned, unable to help myself and Master’s grin of pleasure. His good girl made me whimper. Then, that quick and fast stroke right against my panty covered clit was all it took. I came, soaking my panties and the riding crop with my sexual abandon. I heard Master chuckle and I knew that I was about to be punished. “Naughty slut. Did I say you could cum?” he said with false warmth as he yanked my head back hard, the shaft of the riding crop whistling through the air right before it landed across my ass. Pulling me from my orgasm, from my happy floaty space, and into my Master’s dungeon.

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