Call my phone chat numbers for fun!

phone chat numbersCall my phone chat numbers for fun baby! Lots of guys do, wanna know why? Cus I will do anything no matter how fucked up it is! Like yesterday, I had this sexy guy call me up and tell me to go downstairs in front of my big picture window and strip off all my clothes… even tho there were a ton of people outside where they could see me! I was so embarrassed but what could I do? He’s my caller, I have to make him happy! So there I was stripping naked in front of the window… everyone could see me, they all stopped doing what they were doing and just stared! Then he made me masturbate, I thought that I would never be able to get off like that but in a strange way, having all those people staring was actually turning me on! Before I knew it, I was so excited that I was barely even listening to my caller cus I was too busy cumming!

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