Phone Chat Numbers Are For Dirty Boys

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are best when a nasty dirty slut is on the other line. Evaline is a dirty whore who doesn’t say no to anything. Nothing is off limits with me. I want to delve into your deepest darkest fantasies. I want to role play your kinky ideas. I have an entire box of toys just waiting to play with. Let me hear your wet hard cock as you stroke it as we talk. That is right baby, Hmmmm, my pussy is getting wetter just hearing that sound. Here, let me put the speaker between my legs and you can listen as I fuck myself with this big dildo. You can hear how wet and sloppy my pussy is because of you. Your voice and your cock are driving me wild. Tell me what you want to do to me love. Tell me how you want to spread my legs and pound my juicy wet pussy. I love that baby, the feel of your tongue flicking against my clit is amazing. I rub my clit as you stroke your cock as we both moan so close to orgasm. Oh, baby my body is shaking, and my pussy is contracting. My body arches and your toes curl as we both have an amazing orgasm. Oh, how hot was that. Now for you at home, pick up that phone and give my phone chat lines a call so we can play too.

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