Phone Chat Numbers Are Therapeutic

Calling up phone chat numbers can be very therapeutic. I am a sexy therapist and nothing I love more than hearing your dirty needs, confessions, or fantasies. Just the other day I enjoyed a great session. This was a cum eating session. I forced him to eat his own cum.
This whole session is about him proving his love for me. The only way I would even consider letting him fuck me was if he ate his own cum. I Edged him for a good thirty minutes. Making him stroke his cock and suddenly stop. This really helped fill those balls up with cum.

by the time he was finally allowed to come he came tons and hard. He has shot so much cum all over his belly that it was a thick gooey mess. It was then that I forced him to stick his fingers in that cum, scoop it up and lick off his fingers.

When I finally let him fuck me. I made him fuck me bareback. And I made him come in my pussy. That come he left in my pussy he had to eat out. He was forced to eat his own cream pie 🥧 like a good boy.

Phone chat numbers

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