Phone Chat Numbers are where guys fish for hotties

Phone Chat Numbers are where the wealthy sugar daddies go to find the girl from their dreams. All they want is the popular girl from high-school they couldn’t get before. Now they can afford to buy and get whatever they want, even her. I’m that hottie. “I love your sexy body” is what they always say. Once they walk in they start begging. “What will it take for me to be able to have you? ” you ask.

Phone Chat Numbers

After you beg a little longer I give you my price. Of course you pay it you have been wanting a slut like me since you can remember. Therefore you pay my fee and I start to undress right in front of you. Once my panties are off I can see your mouth is drooling. “Are you hungry?” I ask with a smirk on my face as I bend over in front of you.

“Eat my pussy and ass and show me how hungry you are”. Then you stuff your face in my ass cheeks and start licking. As you lick me I moan out “you can have me any time you want as long as you pay me my fee every time”. Then you stand up and say “can I fuck you too. I laugh and respond “that is extra”. But you don’t mind paying anything I ask for since I am the sophisticated hottie of your dreams.

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