Phone Chat Numbers for Cuckolding

phone chat numbersPhone sex numbers for Cuckold phone sex is my specialty. I am a doctor of psychology with an emphasis in human sexuality. I love counseling couples. I had a couple come to me this week. Their problem was typical. A dissatisfied wife and a clueless husband. I asked the questions that needed to be asked, but in the end, all that really mattered was his dick size. In the majority of cases, a woman’s sexual frustration comes from a small dick and a man who thinks size doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t wish a small cock on my worst enemy. I think all women deserve sexual satisfaction and if they are married or in a relationship, and their husband can’t provide, she has every right to look elsewhere. When the husband pulled out his dick, I laughed. I know it is not very professional, however, he had an inch worm. It was so small, I thought it might be a snail. I had a heart to heart conversation with them both. I showed them some movies of women with big black cocks. I even brought in a hung lover for his wife to suck and fuck. Seeing is believing. I turned her into a cock size queen with one 10-inch cock. He was not happy at first, but once he saw how hard his wife came on that cock, her was a changed man. Want to save your marriage and you have a small cock? Then, you need some cuckold therapy.

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