Phone Chat Numbers for Shoe Fetishes

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are all over the Internet. So, how do you know who to call? I am the woman you call if you like submissive and kinky women. Notice I wrote woman. I am no girl. I am all grown up with kinky fetishes and big tits. My master spoils me with shoes. I have a huge shoe fetish. It is not that I just love to wear a pair of sexy shoes. I love to fuck my pussy with heels too. I have been playing with shoes since I was a wee girl. I love how sexy I look in them, but I love how sexy they make me feel when deep inside my pussy.  Last night, I was alone for once. I rarely have time alone with a son, daughter and full time master. I immediately raided my shoe closet for some me time. I have a new pair of red spiked heels. Although the heel is slim, it is long like a cock. I sucked the heel first then I penetrated my cunt thinking of your hard dick inside me. Damn, it was a hot fuck session. I started using more shoes. It was a shoe gang bang and my pussy was very satisfied. Omg, I squirted all over the shoes. It is the best shoe shine. If you have a shoe fetish, this kinky phone sex slut can help you.

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