Preggo Seduction On The Phone chat Lines

phone chat lines

Look at this pregnant whore on the phone chat lines. Big round belly full of a brat. And just ready for a man to fuck me senseless. My tits are so sensitive and leaking as I play with my pussy to the perverted men who call me with naughty pregnancy fetishes. I am the type of woman who enjoys being pregnant. For me the sex while being round with a brat is the best. I love being on all fours as my tike sloshes around inside of me. The upside to fucking while so heavy and full of a new life is my pussy is always swollen towards the end of the pregnancy’s making a tight sleeve for a mans cock to bust a nut in. I know right now its getting so slick around my dildo as I fuck myself to the men who call my phone chat numbers.

I have a couple of carpet crawlers that really interest these P men too. Just what does a whore do after she produces brat after brat?  Well she uses them to please the big P cock around her. Men who love to cum on little faces and use tint mouths for pleasure holes. I have never minded that my tikes are in the bed or on the floor while mommy is getting fucked. I have even taught them that it is okay to suckle mommies big tits while she is getting that cock. And yes sometimes mommy is getting her lactating titties fucked with a big dick when they drink mommy milk. I know that each of my brats will have  a good love for cum just like slut mommy. I need to be bred over and over again. No Matter if its a sensual pregnant phone sex call, or dirty preggo P-mommy I am ready for your cock!

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