Subby Life on the phone chat numbers

phone chat numbers Yes, I love spankings. That’s why I work the submissive phone chat numbers. Yes, I love being bitten and marked with bruises. Yes, I want to wear a collar and kneel for my Sir. Master calls me as soon as my Alarm goes off. We talk about the day ahead, random stuff, and sometimes play. By play, I mean he guides my masturbation and makes me beg to come. It’s delicious! I highly recommend it.

He picks out my panties for me each day, sending me a picture of our collection of which ones to wear. No picture means no panties. After I shower, I take a picture of myself in the day’s panty selection. Full frontal picture with my ugly milf momma stomach showing and all.

Then I get on the phone chat lines and submit to a couple different masters each night and morning.

I have also started to compile a punishment book entailing each of the punishments my different masters make me do to myself or roleplay with them. I highlight the ones that I feel have the biggest cum shots and my master looks over them and decides which one he will be bringing into our sex scenes.

Last night I was sleep deprived by worshipping my master feet and anus. My tongue lapping over them each. His butt hole was a little dirty (thank you Chipotle!) and his feet were sweaty after he hit the gym. I was humiliated a little at the tongue bathing after he went shit but he made it up by a good lashing to my back side and a forced ass fuck that finally let me get an hours sleep! I live to serve and make men cum, at no boundaries of my own life! This is good for you because I have many Tales of a submissive whore for you!

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