Sweet Southern Innocence

phone chat numbers DixieI knew I had to use a different approach if I wanted some of his cum filled dick. After a while a cum slut just knows these things.
I put on a sweet little white top that had little cherries all over it. It was a little revealing but not slutty by any means. I paired it with a cute little jean skirt, tight but not to tight and not real short. Add a cute little pair of white sandals and I am a vision of sweet southern innocence.
I baked a mouth watering peach pie and headed to his house to welcome him to the neighborhood.
I watched him move in and he was looked like he would be addictive. So refined and very handsome.
I could feel myself getting wet as I approached his door. But I knew I had to play it cool if I was going to get some of his cum.
Did this cum slut pull it off? You will have to wait to find out…or give me a call!

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