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This past weekend was amazing!

grandma phone sex Really nothing can compare to this past weekend. I keep reliving what happened over and over in my head…getting instantly wet at the thought. The best thing about this past weekend was the variety. All of the little ones are usually around but it’s the older ones who don’t visit that often. But this weekend EVERYONE was here…of all ages and sexes. I was so happy to have my son and his son’s cock at one time, I really knew nothing could make me cum harder than my son and grandson, together. I was more than happy to work on both their cocks, my son loved his Mommy sucking his cock just like old times, he even sighed in relief when I took his cock into my hands and mouth. Next my grandson had to learn to control his cock, he wanted to cum so bad when grammy’s lips touch his cock. My son is more than turned on watching me suck off his son and I am far from done with them…I love having one licking my ass while the other one fucks my cunt…preferably my son. His cock was made for Mommy’s pussy I’m telling ya.

Sweet & Sexy Bernadette