Teasing Youth

phone chat numbers toriWith a teeny, tiny, tight teenage body and a bratty smile, I can hold your cock spell-bound for literally HOURS or ball numbing pleasure. Cum and shove that love stick deep into my sweet pussy, jabbing me so hard that I scream with pleasure as you rub my g-spot. Feel my cunny muscles squeeze and constrict your snake as you pump harder and harder into me, chasing down your much needed release. Grab my hips and slide into me deeper, fuck me hard enough to break me all the while listening to my sweet, demanding moans of “more, HARDER, faster!”
Tweak my little nipples and bite my neck, suck hard enough to leave a massive hickey and squeeze my ass cheeks in your big hands, pulling me closer to your hips with every thrust into my snatch. Keep pumping those hips as you cum deep into my muffin, riding me for your release.

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