You Want My Phone Chat Numbers

phone chat numbers jinxYou know that you need to be dominant. You get high off the power of making me your little cum dumpster. Your little whore. You want to call my phone chat numbers and see how much I can take. I am not supposed to like it, but I do. I like it more then I am supposed to and even though I am crying out in pain, my pussy tells the real story. It is the wettest pussy that you have ever seen. The more pain you inflict the wetter I get. You can see that my pussy is swollen and bruised. My tits are purple with that green tint from the needles you have inserted in them, My nipples are bleeding and raw from the clamps that you have repeatedly tightened and pulled off, showing no mercy at all. My ass and back have whelps that show blood on the surface of my skin. The sight of my mutilated flesh combined with the anger that you have yet to break me spurs you on, making your cock harder then it has been in a long time. Your beginning to think that I will never break. You want me to pass out from pain that I can’t take any more so you can cover my face with a load of your cum.

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