Alley’s Age Play Fantasy Fun

age play fantasy

Daddy called me and he asked me if I was into incest! I  laughed and told him incest phone sex was my favorite and I won’t disappoint! He wanted to know all my stories about fucking my Daddy. I told him how Daddy used to bend me over his knee all the time when I was  very very young. How he was angrily rip my panties down to my ankles and then spank my ass until it was bright red and stinging and I had tears running down my face. That’s just how my Daddy liked me. And when he told me I was a bad girl when he spanked me my tiny little cunt started to get wet. Daddy noticed my pussy was wet as he was spanking me and decided to really make me cry. He spread my little ass cheeks apart and violated my tiny butthole. He stuffed his finger deep into my tiny ass until I was screaming and crying and trying to wriggle away. I was so fucking wet though, Daddy knew I loved it and kept telling me what a filthy little slut I was, I came even harder all over Daddy… oh Daddy how I love our incest sex

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