bad bunni

I like seducing my daddy’s friends they are always so intrigued by my hot teen body. I like flirting with those older man because I know that I am all they think about. I love having power over men especially those were twice my age or even three times my age. Most of them can be my dad or my grandpa. They are all thinking about my team tight body and wanting to bone me and ran me with their dicks. I like to tease I’m never going to give in to their please. I let them take me out buy me things. It’s great to be their focus. Mark likes to take me out on Fridays and he buys me all the designer things I wish for. Aaron takes me out on Saturdays and he buys me school clothes and even gives me some money to hang out with friends. Then there is Robert he has to be the number one sugar daddy. He gives me a couple thousand every week and he also happens to be m of course he has to pay a viewing fee.y godfather. He thinks he’s going to let him watch me get fucked by other guys at all times.

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