Calling my phone chat numbers made him so happy

phone chat numbersCalling my phone chat numbers made him so happy! He was such a sweet little young thing too, he needed an older woman like me to teach him how to be confident, how to get girls to like him and how to fuck them right. Well, I was happy to be his teacher, he was such an eager little pupil! He did anything I asked him to, I started off with my pussy, if he wanted to get girls he needed to learn how to eat a pussy right. I taught him how to lick it slowly and gently, how to make the sensations build and build until finally out of control the orgasm just burns thru me. I taught him how to make it last, how to savor every drop of my cum and how to control his cock so that he didn’t cum as soon as it touched my pussy. He had never actually fucked a girl before so the first time we fucked he came very fast, but he was young enough to stay hard so we just kept right on going for hours! I have a feeling that he will be satisfying a lot more ladies very soon!

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