Calling our phone chat numbers leads to fun!

phone chat numbersCalling our phone chat numbers always leads to so much fun! Just ask Dave, he calls all the time to get warmed up on the phone before we bring his dirty fantasies to life. See, he likes Daisy to be super young for him so I dress her up in a cute lil dress and lil pink cotton panties and I even put her hair in lil piggie tails for him too. She looks so young and innocent, it really is very cute! Anyway, when he gets here he likes her to crawl up in his lap and wiggle around until his cock gets really hard, then she asks him all innocently what is poking her. He offers to show her what it is and from there things get so so naughty! I show her how to suck that big cock of his and after it is all slippery wet, we slide that cock up in her lil bald pink cunny. It really is so much fun!

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