Come play with grandma!

phone chat numbers“Come play with Grandma!” I told my little ones this morning, they were just sitting around watching tv where’s the fun in that? My grandson whined about it a little but once I had my mouth on his little peepee he quit all that whining real quick! He fucked my mouth like a porn star, if his dickie was just a little bigger I would have choked on it for sure! My granddaughter didn’t want to be left out tho, she crawled up in between my legs while I was sucking her brother’s cock so she could like this juicy pussy of mine, god her soft little lips felt like heaven! I squirted all over her face in no time, that’s how good it felt! Then I had her lay down and spread her little legs because I wanted to see her brother fuck her. Oh, watching the two of them fucking was the sexiest thing I had ever seen! It was way better than some boring old tv!

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