Cum Play With Me

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Mommy has been a bad Mommy ever since she can remember. It all started when my Daddy touched me down there, touched me and fucked me at that. First he took my mouth, my hands and then my ass. He told me that he really loved me and that he was the one who needed to pop my cherry. I mean, he was right! He would be the only man who would forever love me…and so I didn’t resist. It did not take long before I was being used and fucked by Dad and his friends every night, and every weekend. I never could keep count of all the cum he would dump into my barely legal pussy. He would make my cunt overflow with lots and lots of cum. There was really nothing I could do…but take it. One day it all changed, my belly started to grow and we knew that Daddy had gotten me pregnant. But it got me SO MUCH ATTENTION! I loved it, and ever since the first lil brat I made with my Daddy I’ve been working really hard to keep it in the family, and to continue my pregnancy obsession.

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