Daddy set me up with some phone chat numbers

phone chat numbersDaddy set me up with some phone chat numbers cus I have a huge debt to pay off. I was in school when I noticed that my teacher was checking me out. I’m used to that but this was a female teacher so it caught me a little off guard, I didn’t really know what to do. So I just did what I did for the horny male teachers, I showed her my panties and flirted up a storm until she kept me after class so we could fuck. Everything was going great until another one of my teachers walked in and caught us, at first he was saying he would tell on us but once we got his dick hard he was putty in our hands. The real problem came when the principal caught the three of us, he pulled us all out of there and called my daddy and everything. The teachers and I got suspended for a week so now daddy is making me pay their salaries for the week they are suspended cus it was all my fault for tempting them, can you believe that? All I wanted was a better grade and now I have a whole big job to do instead!

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