Daddys Phone Chat Lines

phone chat lines

Daddy did something different than call one of those phone chat lines last night, he watched a movie instead. I didn’t know it was an ADULT movie! I walked right in and Daddy was naked and the display was intense. I am so young, so I don’t even know anything about this kind of stuff, everyone was naked and acting like they were having the time of their life and that made me really warm down there. I didn’t know if that was normal so I immediately told Daddy and the dick in his hands got bigger! I figured it must be good, because he had me come sit on his lap. This big hard thing was pushing on my butt and I was trying to watch the movie. Daddy rubbed my little kitty and asked me if I liked it and I couldn’t lie! I did, but when he tried to fit his dick into it – it wouldn’t go! I guess he wanted some lube so he used my mouth and then just kinda forced it into my pussy hole while I cried and bled on his cock but begged him to be a big girl anyway!

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