Flogging Friday

submissive whore robynTomorrow is what Master calls Flogging Friday. It also happens to fall on Master’s night to host the weekly Poker Game. That means that not only will Master be flogging me but so will all his friends. I know that I should be preparing myself for the pain to cum. But no matter what the fear and the anticipation of being flogged off and on for hours by Master and his mates makes my pussy dripping wet. The fear that builds inside me serves as an aphrodisiac making me horny as hell. I know that Master hates that the fear excites me but I can’t help it. I hope Master doesn’t fuck me tonight so that it all builds up for tomorrow. I want to cum really hard for everyone. I am going to be the center of attention tomorrow night and I love it. I hope to see you tomorrow so you can join in on the fun for Flogging Friday!

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