Little tease

phone chat linesI didn’t do my homework, and I was failing. I had no idea how I was going to tell my dad I was flunking! I was embarrassed and most of all I didn’t want to endure all the fighting and punishment I was going to have to feel. I had to fess up to my dad he was going to call the school if I didn’t give him my progress report. I knew I had to deliver it in a manner where he wouldn’t be so upset with me. I decided I needed to dress up for him. Daddy loves when I wear slutty outfits and look like a teen dream. He can’t resist me when I am smoking hot and sexy as hell just for him. I wore a jean skirt with no panties and a lace bra. I spread my legs in front of him and apologized. I wanted to be like the fantasy of those phone chat lines scenarios. I was going to give him my teen twat In hopes I’d be spared punishment. Daddy gave me a few spanks but he fucked me harder.

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