Looking for my Accomplice

phone chat numbers NatashaAren’t you tired of nice girls? Fed up with giggly phone girls who just want to moan? Maybe it’s time you met a hardcore phone slut who likes to inflict pain. I’m not the kind you take home to mama. More like the kind you’d find in a dark basement or torture chamber. I don’t comply to society’s norms and I never will. My job is to rid the world of dumb cunts and assholes, one victim at a time. I know there must be one person in your life that you’d love to see suffer. Shitty bosses, little sluts who tease you with firm young bodies, an ex-wife. Let’s get together and talk about what they deserve. There are so many creative ways to die. Deliberate or accidental. And what to do with those dead bodies? Hmmmm, see where this conversation is going? I can’t share too many details on here so you’ll have to come pay me a visit soon. Let’s explore pain and death in its entirety. Nothing is too dark for this goth teen pain-slut.

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