My phone chat numbers got it started

phone chat numbersMy phone chat numbers got the conversation started and things got dirty pretty quickly after that. Once he knew that I did sex work he was obsessed with me, he was sure that I would be better in bed than his wife and I have to say I agree. His wife is a stick in the mud. She is boring and a prude and just a total bitch, I really don’t know why a man as sexy and kind as he is could stand to have a wife like that. He could do better, I feel so bad for him! I saw that the poor guy really needed an outlet so I invited him over for drinks and seduced him. Honestly it was easy, I was dressed all sexy so all I had to do was just be nice to him and he was putty in my fingers. I sucked his cock in a way that his wife clearly never does because he was cumming almost embarrassingly fast but I just kept on going until his whole body was trembling and weak. And then I took him back to my room and rode that dick for hours. I fucked the shit out of him and I’m pretty sure made him fall in love with me.

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