Phone Chat Lines Leslie

phone chat lines

I get to be my freaky little self on the phone chat lines. Yes, that means I’m into pain and freaky fetish sex. Tie me down and fuck me with a fat dildo if you want! Anything goes with me, I learned young that when I acted out I got punished so I bet YOU can guess who was always a bad girl! I loved getting my bare ass spanked, then my tight little rose bud asshole violated! Daddy always likes to shove a finger or 3 in my tight hole to show me what a bad girl I am. One time I talked back and he chased me across the house straight to the back of my closet. He ripped my little panties down to my ankles and rammed his cock in DRY! I screamed and tried to wiggle away but Daddy is much stronger than little ol’ me! I just had to take it and whimper, which gave Daddy an idea. He told me to bark and whimper like the little bitch I am and what could I do as he took what wanted, roughly.

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