Phone chat lines with a freak

phone chat linesMy best friend Sadie and I have both been talking about how badly we want to be fucked well. We both have significant others that aren’t the best in the sac. We have been wanting to fuck each other for the longest time. We both have thought about ordering some strap on and getting out the frustration. We have done everything you can think about. We love phone chat lines and hearing all the nasty things we want to do with each other. I have never been with another girl before. This was going to be my first encounter. I was thrilled it would be with her. We both get each other so well and have a craving of being fucked till we both cum all over the place. I knew we were in for some great fun. My cunt is always ready to be pleased, and I am happy to please hers as well. We are nasty climax sluts.

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