Phone Chat Lines with Stripper Girl

Phone Chat Lines      Phone chat lines for a stripper girl like me produce the best clients! I hear the start of the song and the curtains open revealing me in a tight bikini. My hair hangs loose and I start to sway to the music. I lean back and start to slay my ass against the pole. I slide my ass up and down on the pole and men throw money at my feet. The best clients are the ones that ask for private shows. I can make about 1000 or more if I really work it! That really fuels another need I have. I guess you could say there is no doubt that my drug habit has to be taken care of too. I dance, snort, and fuck and not necessarily in that order. I can get a man so rock hard that he will want to throw me down in front of his friends and fuck me!
        I think I have been pissed at men since birth so taking their fucking money is always fun! If they want my fucking pussy that bad they have to pay for it. I wish I could say the same for my fucking uncle the bastard just took what he wanted! Maybe that’s what got me into stripping and being a fucking tease! Maybe it’s knowing that I can be a dirty little nasty whore that just turns me on! Whatever the reason I am going to take this fucking money from these bastards for as long as I can! A wife came in the other night after finding phone chat line numbers in a husband’s shoe! I had a private lap dance with her and we set the husband up for some real fun! I placed a hidden video camera nearby and taped a session of him fucking my boss and sucking the cum off his cock! I gave her the video which she is now selling to all his friends and colleagues! He is a well known politician and the scandal alone is enough to make me chuckle! The wife is my biggest client now and key supplier of snorting pharmaceuticals for my habit! Needless to say stripping gets me what I want and right now I want you to join the party!

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