Phone Chat Lines with Strippers!

Phone chat linesThe club’s washing machine broke, and the repairman wouldn’t be able to make it out for a few days. So, I took half the girls with me to the laundry down the street. Between us, we managed to take up all but about 4 washing machines in the whole place, but all the costumes and garments would be clean for show-time. We had just barely gotten all the clothes in the wash, and were having some girlie fun when 3 guys walked in. They looked like they maybe belonged to one of the local frat houses. They’d been cutting up when they opened the door, but when they saw us, they quieted down and cleared their throats. The looks they kept giving us while they worked on putting their laundry on led us to getting pervy. Each of us picked a team-mate, and the 8 of us decided to make advances. We stalked up to them, being as openly naughty as possible, letting them know that we were definitely open to a good time. Some of us started kissing, fondling each other, stripping each other. Once they caught on that we were serious, it was game time. There were hands everywhere. We all had to share cocks, and with 2-3 to a man, you know those guys were in heaven. We stroked them, licked them, and even blew them until one by one, they picked a girl to settle up on a washing machine. They each dove into the girl of their choice and started fucking her. Everyone got fucked at least once before the spin cycles started, and we all took turns riding out the spin cycle on those cocks. I hope we get the chance to do that again soon!

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