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Phone chat lines I was told by one of my sexy girlfriends that my cunt looks like a turkey. Ha! Can you believe that a turkey! I make a little joke and I say my cunt just wants to gobble up yummy cock. Now it is an ongoing joke with us whenever we get together. Whenever she is eating my cunt out she will make little turkey noises. And it makes us both giggle. Still does not stop her from “gobbling” down on my cunt like an expensive fine meal. We have always had such a good time together but this “Turkey thing” we have between us makes our bond that more special. We do threesomes together a lot and we will start making turkey noises at various times and sometimes bust out into laughter. The men we are fucking are never sure of what is going on and it never interrupts the flow of things so we are never questioned. I remember one time she was sucking on this guy. She had almost all of his long hard shaft in her mouth. I was suckling on his balls at the same time. When her drool started pouring down on my face I knew her mouth was full. I started making turkey noises at her which caused her to laugh and contract her mouth on his shaft. He made a noise I have never heard a man make before, there was no doubt he was enjoying her laughter on his shaft. Giggles, see it never interrupts the flow of things. Like the time I was reaming this fat ugly guy out. M tongue was far in his ass and all of a sudden I heard turkey noises. Well, I busted out laughing vibrating this mans ass causing him to shit in my mouth. Again doesn’t interrupt the flow of things. If you want to hear more my Phone chat lines are open.

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