phone chat numbers and its on with me

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers tend to make you be a bad boy. It’s okay cause I won’t tell you. It is our secret what we do. I’m so into being a little cum dump for you and your dirty friends.

There is genuinely no need to take advantage of me. I’ma willing participant. All you have to do to get me to agree to some fun is slip me some molly or coke, and I am all yours.

It is genuinely that easy. I promise you will have a blast with me, especially if we both are so blasted. I will show you my fabulous ways and all that I do to make you and your cock happy.

My mouth was made for a big hard cock, and if I am high as a kite, I will be in heaven. I’m on cloud nine, and I can’t get out.

It is all that I ever thought about and more. Whenever I have someone giving me lots of drugs, I am so happy and feel it’s pretty odd, but it stems much deeper. I love it so much.

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