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Phone Chat NumbersI can’t wait to meet up with my new fuck buddy. I was in complete awe when I saw his dick for the very first time. It was the thickest and biggest and not only was it huge inside it felt splendid going deep inside me. I knew I had fallen in complete lust with it, I had to brag to all my friends, and of course, they came right over. It was like the time we called up a few phone chat numbers and ended up play without cunts in our sleepovers. This time everything was different instead of imagining a well-hung man we actually would have on in plain sight to share. Imagine that? Four whores ready to beg for some more meat. We were all ready to take every inch. I got jealous instantly and was going to show who the queen bee indeed was. I had first dibs because that is how things go around here. Then, I let my friends have fun too.

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