Phone Chat Numbers Are For Roleplays

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers bring all the naughty boys to me. I have a special one who loves to call and do kinky slutty roleplays. We go out on a date like… dinner and a movie or a bar, whichever. Then we find us a hot slut to join us. I love the college bars and the hot drunk girls are plenty, easy and gullible. I find what I like and daddy supplies drink after drink and then a little blow. When she is totally fucked up, we take her back to my place. That is when the fun begins. Daddy sits in his chair stroking his cock while he watches me tie her up and ravage her. I suck on her nipples while my fingers graze against her cunt. She tries to fight it but her wet pussy tells me otherwise. Then I make my way between her legs and devour her pussy. Licking her clit and sucking it while I finger her wet hole. I lift her bottom and while she is shaking from the orgasm, I just gave her I stick my finger in her tight little ass. She is like putty in my hands now and I climb on her face and grind my pussy against her. After releasing all of my pussy juices onto her Daddy smiles and comes to join us. So, if you want to hear all about the naughty things, we did next you are going to need to call my phone chat lines love.

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