Phone Chat Numbers For A GF

Phone Chat Numbers
I know you’ve been trying to get my phone chat numbers to ask me on a date, so here they are baby. I’m the wet dream you never seem to be able to get ahold of, but I’m right in your grasp now aren’t I? Strip me down until I’m nothing but a sun kissed slut laying before you, legs spread and mouth open and eager. Please, put your cock in my vicinity, let me reach out and suck that fat thing down my throat like a good little slut. I’m an eager cock sucker, and while I’ve never been more excited for a romantic date I also know your balls are overdue to be drained. Tell me, how many times do you jack off thinking about me or sexy women like me? Five, six times a day? I fucking believe that you little pervert, come here and give me a kiss. There now, don’t be shy. Hand on my tit, tongue in my mouth, my hands unbuckling your belt so we can do a sexy sort of Texas Tango together tonight. Take my pretty girl clothes off, and let me show you exactly why I’m a rodeo Queen. Your new little girlfriend is going to ride your cock all night long.

Girlfriend Phone Sex

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