Phone Chat Numbers for Mommy Fantasies

phone chat numbers

Phone chat numbers help you get off. I love being a fantasy mom to my callers. It is okay to admit you have a longing for mommy. Now, maybe you really wanted to fuck your mother when you were younger. Maybe you did fuck her when you were a schoolboy. Or perhaps, you just like the fantasy of fucking mommy or someone else’s mommy. I have talked to guys in all those categories. I will admit that I never fucked my parents, but when I married a dirty daddy, I learned the joys of incest. I have three strapping sons who fuck me every chance they get. Plus, I am raising 6 step grand angels who love to take care of me too. I have this mommy thing down. My phone chat lines are to help you have mommy sex or milf sex or to just share life experiences. I have true incest stories and I love hearing yours. But my favorite thing to do on a call is to be your mommy. I am a sexy mommy, a loving mommy and a nurturing one too. But I can be a mean mommy and a sissy mommy too depending on the boy. Do you need your mommy, honey?

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