Phone Chat Numbers for Mommy

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers for P mommies are in high demand. When I work, my phones are always ringing. Men need a therapist for their family desires. I hear all sorts of confessions. I have my own to share too. Today, a young man called me. He is 25 and has been lusting for his mother for years. I have been counseling him for a year on how to get his mommy thinking about his cock. He called me today to tell me it finally happened. He got to fuck his mother. They were on a road trip and the hurricane hit. They had to get a hotel for the night. The hotel was full so they had to share a bed. He was snuggling his mommy and his cock got hard. She reached behind her back and pulled his cock out of his boxers. His mother guided her son’s cock into her pussy. Finally, he got his dick in his mommy’s wet pussy. I was so happy to hear this. Listening to the story made me wet. I was rubbing my cunt as he talked about being a mother fucker for the first time. I love being a phone sex mommy. It brings me such joy to help you fuck your mother!!

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