Phone Chat Numbers For My Age Play Fantasy

Phone Chat Numbers are for me because I have a big Age play fantasy, Daddy always loves my Big bouncy tits. He made sure to bounce me on his lap to see my tits jiggle. Daddy rubbed my cunty and made me wiggle on his cock until he exploded. Even now that I am older, he comes over and gets in my bed. He cuddles me while we are naked and rubs my Big bouncy tits until his cock starts leaking.

Phone Chat Numbers

After that daddy pushes his daddy meat inside me like he did every night when i was growing up. To make my pussy cum daddy gets me to ride his cock. The faster I ride his dick the more he plays with my big bouncy tits, I just rub on my clitty. He taught me how to rub my clitty when I was so young that it made me squirt the first time. Now I don’t cum unless I think about daddy bouncing me on his cock and rubbing my clitty and do exactly as he did to my clit. When daddy feels his little girl’s pussy cum, he will pull his cock out of me and spray me all over my face and tits. His hot jizz drips all over my tits and he just rubs it all over moisturizing my tits with it. Phone chat lines help me find the daddy I need for my Age play fantasy. 

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