Phone Chat Numbers For PPLay

Phone Chat Numbers
When I entered the witness protection program, I never thought I’d have to resort to this; selling my young daughters to the perverted sickos who call my phone chat numbers. They all want them, craving that young, angelic flesh. I can’t say I blame them, in all honesty. My girls are the cream of the crop, prime apple picking if you ask me.

Slender, athletic legs with perky tits but just barely. Bald, young cunts that drip like faucets when you so much as breathe on them. Soft, dolly lips and chocolate rosebuds waiting to be tasted. My girls keep their long blonde hair in braids, and they both have my sweet, scared eyes.

My girls certainly did look terrified. That almost killed me, except for the leaky pussy syndrome I seem to have caught. I knew I loved this. I was a sicko too.

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