phone chat numbers get me in trouble

phone chat numbersbig bouncy tits

Phone chat numbers really do get me in trouble. I can’t help myself I end up fucking guys I find attractive or guys that just have big cocks. Sometimes I get so horny I could be careless what they have in their pants and am all about what they are bringing me. Whether it is booze or coke, I don’t care, I want it bad. I get bored and start to send pictures and begin to invite randoms over. I like going to the glory hole and getting passed around like the slut I am. Being stuffed and fucked and filled is all I am suitable for like my daddy use to tell me. Daddy would say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Everyone knew my mom and her sisters. They were all the towns sluts. They even got the nickname the dumpster sisters. They were all cum dumps, and that is why I came out the way I did. I am quite proud of it and not embarrassed. I enjoy being fucked like the cum whore I am. I get so excited when I talk to different guys. They come over and use me till they no longer need me. They bring me drugs and keep me high and don’t care if I say no. I have been trained to use my holes to give guys pure pleasure. I am a cum loving bitch, and I will fuck till my cunt is sore and in deep pain. Even when I am used up, I won’t stop. My big bouncy tits just flopping around while I ride you is the best.

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