The Good Old Days

phone sex line evonneI was going threw some old pictures that I found in the bottom of the closet the other day.
Funny how a box of old photos can take you down memory lane.

When I was young and naive I married my high school sweet heart. I thought it was real love. You know the happy ever after, white picked fence, three little ones and a dog kind?

Yeah right…It didn’t take him long to show his true colors and here in my hand I hold the memories of the first time he brought two of his buddies home to fuck his wife. At first I was heart broken. how could he even dream of me being with some one else?

But it didn’t take me long to realize that I liked getting fucked by other men. Soon I was asking him who he would be bringing home for me to fuck. My cunt would get all wet and tingling thinking about how he would watch and take pictures.

The real thrill would come when I would catch him jerking off while staring at the pictures of his wife getting banged by several of his friends.

That was the start of my slut days. I have not looked back since.

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