The Hunter and The Prey

submissive whore robynThey have been preparing all day while I sit here shackled and gagged watching.
The scene is all to familiar. Master has invited his friends over to play this game before.
The last time I survived, this time I may not be as lucky.
Despite knowing how this could turn out for me, I can’t help the excitement that is causing my cunt to weep pussy juice.
They are coming in and out, setting up nets and booby traps in the woods behind the house.
They are filling darts with drugs and liquid tranquilizer. Loading guns with plastic bullets. Making sure the tasers are all charged….
You see they are the hunters and I will be the prey.
When night falls they will turn me loose and give me a five minute head start.
I will be naked with no defense in the dark woods and they will come for me. They will hunt me until one of them comes home with the trophy, me.

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