Mommy and Me

2 girl phone sex (18)

Daddy called Mommy and I the other night! He was ready to do some SERIOUS playing with Mommy and me! We knew we were the perfect duo to please his cock, and we were eager to show him just that. Mommy and I got naked in front of our new Daddy, he liked to look at both of our perfect bodies…mommy told him how we get naughty together how she spanks my ass with a paddle that leaves and imprint that says slut on it. He wanted to do that but first he had a few other things in mind. He made us sit there and watch him stoke his dick, he wanted to know who wanted to taste it first, I know I did so I went straight to sucking his cock deep in my mouth while Mommy started working on a hot rimjob for his ass. He was dying to fuck the both of us, he couldn’t hold off. He cummed in my mouth and then I kissed Mommy. The second time he went down on our cunts and tasted all our cum too. He wasn’t done till we were side by side and waiting for his second load. He sprayed and covered both our faces with cum and told us Daddy would be back soon to play.

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