Mommy Phone Chat with Dirty Mom MaryAnne

mommy phone chatI love mommy phone chat. I think it is because I am such a dirty P mommy that I get extra wet sharing my dirty mommy stories. This weekend, I had a really hot encounter. My oldest son plays soccer. We have a pool and it just started getting warm again, so our house was offered up for a party. I suggested a slumber pool party. Lots of young boys in my house for extended periods of time  is always fine by me. I welcome all the young boys to my house, and my pussy!  I was busting out of my bikini serving drinks and snacks as the boys played around. I loved the reactions I was getting from horny boys. They all stared at my big boobs. They encouraged me to join them in the pool, so I did. My bikini top accidentally on purpose came off in the water. I was in boy heaven at the response. Suddenly I could count lots of little chubbies in swim trunks.  I sat on the edge of the pool topless. “Take off your trunks boys, show me what you got,” I said to them loudly. I liked what I saw. Lots of hard hairless cocks and smooth young balls that needed the expertise of a milf tramp like me. I had a poolside boy blow bang. Cum coated my face and my boobs as horny little ones jacked off on this soccer mom. I was hearing things like your mom is so cool, your mom is so hot…. I just kept blowing little cocks, sometimes several at a time fit in my mouth. It was a crazy boy orgy and I was the star. I love being soaked in boy batter. Head to toe, I was dripping in young seed. I love being THAT mom.

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