Phone Chat Numbers To Help You Cum Hard

Phone Chat NumbersYou do know that using Phone Chat Numbers to get off is perfect alright.  I love when you call!  I especially love when my boy toy is over, because I do get super horny talking to you.  Yesterday when I was done working, my boy toy came downstairs to the Kitchen.  He didn’t know I was done with work yet, so when I walked into the Kitchen behind him it startled him a bit.  Having a young man around the house who I can fuck anytime I want is a wonderful thing.

He turned around, smiled, and before he could say hello I was already on my knees.  To take his amazing cock out of his joggers so that I could give him a nice blowjob.  His cock was growing and growing.  As soon as it got rock hard, I climbed up onto the Island, pulled my panties to the side, and told him to fuck me.  He shoved his dick in nice and deep.  The whole time he was fucking me I was thinking about you.  How you and I did a role play that you came up with.

I was an uber driver and you were my next pick up.  You got in and we made small talk.  You stated that you liked my top, that it really showed off my tits.  I told you that that is why I wore it.  You asked me if perhaps you could call me sometime to which I replied, “If you want to fuck me we can just do it now.”  I pulled into a parking place at the mall, then joined you in the back seat.  You already had your cock out, stroking it.  I turned toward you, laid back, pulled my panties off, then had you turn forward so that I could get on top of you.

I put my hands on the roof and started to bounce on your swollen dick.  You were sucking on my tits as we fucked.  After you came you told me to get out of the car but to bend over all the way with the back door open.  I opened the door, stepped out, hiked my dress up over my ass and exposed my leaking pussy to you.  I could feel your warm tongue as you cleaned up your own cum from my pussy lips and freshly fucked hole. 

There I was once again with cum dripping out of my cunt.  I got down off the counter, kissed my plaything, then went to take a shower.  He yelled after to me to thank the guy who I spoke to the next time we chatted because not only did you get me horny, but he got to fuck me in the Kitchen.

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